Sunday, May 16, 2010

3-Year-Old Alaskan Boy Dead

Fox News reports on another tragedy in Alaska.

Anchorage police say a 3-year-old boy has died after finding a gun and accidentally shooting himself.

Police spokeswoman Anita Shell says the father called 911 after 9 a.m. Friday. The father reported the child had taken a gun off a TV stand and shot himself.

Shell says investigators were interviewing both the father, the only other person at home at the time of the shooting, and the mother.

There's your gun paradise.


  1. MikeB30200:

    This is why children should be potty-trained and, simultaneously, inculcated with the Four Basic Rules of Firearms Safety.

  2. Yeah, I know. You can't kid-proof a gun but you can gun-proof a kid.