Friday, May 21, 2010

Trigger-Happy Cops in Fort Worth

The Star-Telegram reports on what they suggest may have been a case of suicide-by-cop. I don't think so.

Contrary to what an agitated Jose Vieira told a 911 dispatcher -- "I do have a gun" -- investigators did not find a weapon after the 21-year-old man was fatally shot by a Fort Worth police officer Monday morning, officials said Wednesday.

Police released more information about the confrontation on a residential Richland Hills street, saying that Vieira shouted, "I do want to hurt somebody!" just seconds before grabbing something that appeared to officers to be a gun from inside the SUV he was driving.

They learned later that Vieira was holding a cellphone and music CDs, said Lt. Paul Henderson, a police spokesman.

"In their minds, he had a black and silver gun," Henderson said. "We may never know if Mr. Vieira intentionally wanted the officers to think that he had a gun, but his actions and his behavior are certainly consistent with cases of suicide by cop."

In my opinion, part of the problem is that cops know they will usually get the benefit of the doubt in such cases. They don't have to be as careful as they could be, they don't have to take chances. That leads to too many unnecessary police shootings.

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  1. the way I see it the cop still didn't have the right to shot him all he was askin for was sum help and he also said he didn't want to hert no one I think the cops just want shot some one they wer just mad dat he didint want to pull over and expacelly if they have the right to shot sum one there goin to do be couse they now they can get away wit it even dow he said he wanted to hert some I know they heard it the wrong way and if he did say dat they where not even 10 feet away from him to think that a cd and a phone is a gun 7.30am nothing but sun light out side that's just rong even dow he said he had a gun a guns a gun a cd and phone don't even look close like a gun they where just want to pull that triger him say he did he did have a gun he just wanted more atation but the operrader just took it the rong way couse how he sound beer makes ppl talk diefrint aspacealy if you are a hood person cop just took it the wrong way that's not right four cops one boy think about it that's not

  2. one more thing aint cops trained for this if there just goin to shoot I don't think they should be cops couse any one could do that thought is a big word,if or buts think about it..

  3. People are trained to use punctuation and spelling too but sometimes it doesn't seem to take.

  4. When you're dealing with the police, you can't go wrong by showing them the palms of your hands.

  5. Richie, Thanks for the comments. I like what you have to say.

  6. To the Fatman comment" how could you even think/care about improper literature In such a scenario" ........some ppl are so heinous

  7. Rest In Peace homeboy

  8. I would be inclined to give the officers the benefit of the doubt, especially if there is any corroboration to the claims that the victim of the shooting indicated he did have a gun,and that he wanted to hurt somebody.

    I can understand claiming the first statement, which should be recorded, since 911 calls usually are. But the second statement seems to me to be less plausible. I have to wonder why this guy called 911 on himself.

    In the case of murder suicides, the gun man usually 1 has a gun; 2. calls AFTER shooting other people, and then 3. shoots himself after he's killed or injured the other people he was seeking to harm/punish/ gain revenge upon.

    But that is where squad car cams and other people on the scene can be useful.

    If no one else backs up the claims of the cops however, and if there is no recorded evidence that supports it - as in no 911 recording or squad cam, I would be a bit more skeptical.