Tuesday, May 18, 2010

9th Grade Murder in Alabama

CNN reports on the latest school gun tragedy in Alabama.

A ninth-grade student was in custody Saturday and charged with murder after he allegedly shot a classmate in the back of the head at their northern Alabama middle school, authorities said.

The shooting happened during a class change around 1:45 p.m. Friday at Discovery Middle School in Madison, just west of Huntsville, police said.

Police Chief Larry Muncey was on the scene with the following observation.

Muncey said the threat to the school is now over.

"It's a horrific event and I hate it, and I wish we could have changed it, but our schools are safe," he told reporters.

Do you believe that? Do you believe "our schools are safe?" I don't. And they won't be safe until we start moving away from the gun-friendly attitudes that are so prevalent in places like Alabama. They won't be as long as guys like Dale Peterson are immensely popular with the regular folk. As long as the gun-totin', horse-ridin' images of real men who carry guns continue to brainwash the young people, our schools won't be safe.

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  1. There are no such things as safe places. You can be killed anywhere where humans can roam, schools and other "gun free zones" included.

  2. I heard the boy's father was a convicted felon on probation. Someone who cannot legally own a gun.

    Those gun control laws are working gangbusters, aren't they?