Friday, May 21, 2010

Iowa Hero Survives Shooting

Radio Iowa reports on the incredible survival story of a victim of a home invasion shooting.

A southwest Iowa man who was shot three times Monday afternoon by an intruder says he noticed something strange when he got home from work.

Matt Herring left his construction job in Atlantic early and got home at about six o’clock, but the doors of his home near Corning were locked. They’re usually unlocked. Then he saw something in a window.

“I didn’t see a face. I just saw like a silhouette of a person in there and I thought, ‘Well, somebody is in the house and that’s kind of crazy and then there was like a split second and he fired three rounds and I caught all three of them, I guess,” Herring says, “two in my arm and one in my flank.”

All right, I guess his military training didn't include enough situational awareness. And the common sense was a bit lacking. Obviously this is not the kind of place you should leave your doors unlocked.

After the shooting, Herring took cover in some nearby trees, called his wife on the cell to warn her not to come home with the kid, and successfully evaded his attacker. That was pretty heads-up reacting. But here's the best part, where he credits the military.

“They teach you how to fix up yourself and other people, but I couldn’t rip my shirt because I only had one arm, so I couldn’t bandage it up,” Herring said. “So I just stuck my fingers in the two bullet holes and proceeded to the neighbor’s house.”

If he'd been armed himself, would it have made much difference? Maybe he wouldn't have had to cower in the bushes for fear of his life. What do you think? With a gun he could have faced his attacker like a man and shot it out with him. Last man standing is the winner, right?

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