Saturday, January 29, 2011

Aussie Gun Club Does the Right Thing

Too bad the NRA still supports Jared Loughner:
THE family of Vincent ''Lalin'' Fernando, who was allegedly killed by his mentally ill daughter with a pistol she had stolen from a gun club, has called for the independent vetting of unlicensed shooters.

Their call has received unexpected support from the Sydney Pistol Club, the club Ms Fernando joined and from which she stole the gun. Its president, Jan Ryan, said she would welcome a return to the old legislation when unlicensed shooters were thoroughly checked by the Firearms Registry before being admitted.


  1. Nothing better than a pig that helps aid in it's own slaughter.

  2. Much of Australia has allowed itself to be conditioned into selling its liberty to the lowest bidder. That process has gone disgustingly far in the States, too, but not nearly that far.

    "Presumed crazy until proven sane" will never become the law of the land here, no matter how many traitors have to die to prevent it.

    Mark my sage fucking words.

  3. Wow, how sane of the gun club to protect its best interests by understanding the danger of letting mentally ill and otherwise dangerous individuals join the club and get possession of a gun. Better background checks will protect the reputation of ALL gun owners there.

    Too bad such a sane mentality doesn't occur here. Pro-gun extremists, like AztecRed and Zorroy here, don't understand that the more criminals and loonies get hold of guns and kill people, the worse it looks for them and all other gun owners, and thus it makes sense to support better background check mechanisms. That's not a loss of liberty. It's a protection of them against erosion due to the actions of criminals and the insane.

  4. We've discussed the problem of gun ranges allowing any adult to rent a gun. Of course the extremists had no problem with that either.

    Zorroy's idea of freedom is a weird one. It makes me wonder how many of the gun bloggers and commenters we know have been victims of violence and found themselves powerless to prevent it. We couldn't expect them to share that with is, but I'll bet it happens, just like their negligent discharges and other mistakes.

    As guns become more and more profuse, freedom diminishes. What irony!

  5. We couldn't expect them to share that with is, but I'll bet it happens, just like their negligent discharges and other mistakes.

    In other words, "I'll bet one thing for which I have zero evidence of ever happening, happens just as often as another thing for which I have zero evidence of ever happening."

    Can't argue with that "logic," can I?

  6. Mikeb wrote: "As guns become more and more profuse, freedom diminishes. What irony!"

    That statement depends on your definition of freedom.

    I believe as a free man, as long as none of my actions infringe on the rights of others, I should be free to say what I want, read what I want, write what I want, worship whatever I want, travel where I want, pursue whatever means of support I choose, spend my money as I choose, be free from unreasonable searches, seizures, be secure in my papers and property, and own any firearm I choose.

    Far too many of these things that define freedom for me are infringed already. I despise any attempts to curtail my liberty further and applaud any restrictions that are rescinded.

    How can you claim that people are "more free" by restricting their freedom? How does THAT work?


  7. This was basically the club's fault for allowing the use of the gun offsite. Non licensed visitors to the club must be supervised at all times. This a requirement under the firearms act. Well, it is in my state of Victoria, Australia. I don't believe it's at all different in NSW. But there is a problem we all face as pistol shooters, one of many, that makes us responsible when we take someone shooting or there onsite to try some club pistols and they are not licensed. That is, we are obliged under our respective acts to ensure that the person we hand the hand gun over to is not a prohibited person. In other words, it's are fault if they are and they lied to us. That's why it's easier to get the police to do the background check and pre approve them so we don't get blamed for handing a gun over to a criminal or someone who turns out to be crazy.

  8. Dear Cybic, Thanks for that thoughtful comment. Are you a gun owner who favors gun control laws? We ahve a lot of them in the States too, but their voices are blocked out by the screeching of the gun-rights fanatics.

  9. Hi Mike, I'm a gun owner, pistols to be specific, I do not support gun control in this country or any other. We have all but lost the debate in this country and I see the same thing occuring over your way. Having said that, I am bound by the crazy laws of the land and if I want to keep my pistols and out of jail I have to follow them. Remeber we don't the wonderfull 2nd ammendment that you guys have. I wish we did, things would be a little different here I'm sure. There is no rational discussion here about gun control. Imagine a country run by the "Brady Bunch", that's Australia.

  10. Wow, I'm laughing at my dashed hopes that you might be on my (the gun control) side.

    Thanks for getting back, and stick around if you like. I'm sure some of your American like-minded commenters whould love that. I would too actually.