Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Shoot Them in the Head" Spin Job

I'm not a supporter of Glenn Beck's by any stretch, but I thought this was going too far in an attempt to make him look bad. These last days, site after site is showing this 22-second clip, inferring or actually saying that he's recommending violence. I believe he has done as much, but not in this case. Check out the longer version.


  1. Alright, so I broke my vow. It was just to prove a point. You're going soft Mike. Beck is satanic. Can't you feel it? As far as I'm concerned, he's the reincarnation of Benito Mussolini. "Shoot me in the Head!" "Shoot them in the head!" "They may shoot you in the head!" That's violent rhetoric no matter what his stupid, lying, false point may or may not be. Coupled with his emotional angst, false piety, you name it, this man is fucking dangerous. Don't defend him if you care a shred about decency, truth and civil discourse. Who are you trying to placate?

    The biggest lie is that the left advocates violent revolution. Never has. Never will.

    It's propaganda. It incites hatred and distrust. You be the judge as to whether or not it incites violence. Fucking lying apostate.

  2. He has as much in common with the founding fathers as I have with the average American.

    First off, the founders considered themselves BRITISH (got that!) and were demanding their rights as Britons: in particular not to be taxed without having proper representation in Westminster.

    Likewise, the laws which they enacted were vetoed by King George the III.

    If he were actually to read the Declaration of Independence, he might find them to be a bunch of commies--hating the military and demanding power to local legislatures.

    Oh well.

  3. Mikeb30200:

    Bek is a shit stain. As a guy who specializes in quote mining and selectively editing videos it is only appropriate that he have HIS moment on the spit.

    "Shoot me in the head", says Glennie? That fucking coward was whining about being the target of the Sorosiafascist hit squads not too long ago. He's a lying douchebag and like his asswipealike Rush will perform his first act of public service by dying.

  4. " He's a lying douchebag and like his asswipealike Rush will perform his first act of public service by dying."

    Why are you leftist commies so violent?

  5. Here's a bone FWM. I felt bad when Sarah Palin was lumped in with Beck on this entire outrage about Loughner. I like her too. She's a real person. True, she lost me with her acceptance speech at McCain's side, but I felt that there was nothing inherently evil about her. I continued to defend her right to be a conservative for several months, despite my bitter disappointment that she had no original thoughts or anything intelligent to add to the national discussion. That said, she has allowed herself to be used by FOX and her handlers as a vicious attack dog. I have lost any respect I once had for her.

    Neverthe less it was just plain wrong of Beck to commiserate with her after the left's reaction to the violence in Tucson. She didn't draw those crosshairs any more than she writes her own tweets. I guess he was trying to spread the guilt around by association. She bears no moral responsibility further than the fact that she has sold herself as a celebrity spokesmodel for the fascist right.

  6. I agree with Flying Junior and democommie about Glenn Beck. I just thought it was too bad so many lefty blogs were pushing that 22-second misleading clip. He's plenty bad enough without our resorting to tricks to make him look worse.