Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bloomberg - Eloquent and Correct

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  1. Nope, he's not. I only heard a couple words of fact or truth come out of Bloomberg's mouth the entire interview, and those were just one-sided statistics. The laws aren't sensible, they've ALL been tried before and there's no evidence of them making any society safer.

    Funny how he keeps talking about Sportsman - Sports isn't the only legitimate reason to own a firearm. He glosses over HIS interpretation of the Constitution, and just.. just.... OOOOHHHHH! I don't know what disturbs me more, that he can lie with such a straight face, or that some people will actually believe him.


  2. He got to use the word "loophole" What a hypocritical turd.

  3. He wants the background check to me mandatory on all sales. What in the hell is wrong with that? Where are the lies and hypocrisy in that?

    The main push of the MAIG is for the background checks, which you guys would support too, if you were in the least reasonable.

  4. - After mandatory background checks are required on all private sales, a prohibited person wants a gun, so they go buy one from someone "on the street," without a background check.

    What changed? Nothing, for the prohibited person.

    Second part:

    - Before mandatory background checks, a guy wants to buy a rifle from his brother. He buys it.

    - After mandatory background checks, a guy wants to buy a rifle from his brother. He buys it. Both of them are now criminals.

    So please, tell me why a law is reasonable when it a) will have no effect on real criminals and b) makes criminals out of people who aren't hurting anybody?


  5. Your first point is that after mandatory background checks are required on all transfers a bad guy will just buy a gun from another bad guy. Fine, what's your reasonable solution that the bad guy can buy a gun from a good guy with no background check? Is that reasonable. That's what we have now.

    Your second point is worse. The lawful brothers will have to be invonvenienced and being lawful guys will do the paperwork and the background check.