Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shooting at a Police Helicopter

It looks like this Florida man is going to jail for having fired upon a police helicopter which was responding to a shots-fired report at his home.

I say he should get some time off his sentence for the most imaginative explanation.

McGuire says he wasn't shooting at the helicopter. He testified that he had been planning to commit suicide with the gun, but changed his mind. He said he was firing into the air and at a tree in his driveway because he didn't want a loaded weapon in his house.
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  1. So.......he was too dumb to know how to unload a gun????????

    If he was that stupid he would have probably missed shooting himself because he couldn't find his own head with a map and a mirror.

  2. That's like saying I stabbed my neighbor because I needed to clean a knife.

  3. Yeah, I'm afraid the judge won't give much credence to that excuse, and maybe the tragedy of it is he really is suicidal.