Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Minnesota to Mexico

The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran a four-part series on the gun smuggling business which has gone on between Minnesota and Mexico.  Here's part one.  (submitted by Dog Gone, of

All the old points are there, even the 90% figure that we all loved so much.  But, what's new, very new for me, is that this activity is going on in states other than the oft-mentioned border states of Texas, Arizona and California.

I find it interesting that no one that I know of ever mentioned this as perhaps an explanation for the high numbers. Smuggling operations from Houston and Phoenix, as widespread as they are, would be hard-pressed to account for the volume.  But, suddenly I have a different picture.  Just like the guy featured in the Minnesota story, you've got brazen, enterprising men streaming in from every state in the lower 48, converging on those border crossings.

That would account for the volume they're always talking about.

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  1. If we're "arming the drug lords" with US semi-auto "assault weapons," why is it that the majority of the guns seized are fully-automatic weapons and/or obviously NOT of US origin?

    There are also CITIZENS in Mexico, disarmed by their government, who may wish to protect themselves from the drug cartels too. If they don't want to deal with the gun running criminals to buy fully-automatic assault rifles, getting semi-automatic firearms from the US may be the best they can get to protect themselves.


  2. Orygunner - if you follow the Strib series of stories, you will find that the ATF traced the specific guns from Minnesota, bought at a Cabella's, to the drug cartel. No one else. This guy who was just sentenced this week to three years in prison got into the drug running (and money laundering) through his childhood friends who were drug cartel people. The 4part series and follow up is a straigh up, MN to Mexico, drug cartel weapons supplier. Among others documented in the 'iron pipeline'.

  3. That's right, Orygunner. I figured Minnesota is not the only place pouring guns into this "iron pipeline."

    What are you saying that since Fox reported that most of the guns are fully-automatic that the whole thing is made-up bullshit?