Thursday, January 27, 2011

Colorado Man Shot by Police

I was pleased to read the cops didn't shoot him 15 times in the chest.  But I still wonder what the rules of engagement are.  if the guy was firing wildly into the air, he's certainly a danger, but that may not constitute lethal threat.  I'm just wondering.

According to police radio traffic, the man at one point exited the home, told officers he had a gun and challenged them to "come get" him.
Wow, who's that sound like? Are all our gun-blogging friends accounted for?

Do you see why the proliferation of guns is a problem? Do you see why the false idea that it's good having a gun in the house is a problem when the occupant of that house is unstable?

Do you see how proper gun control can help to lower the number of these cases?

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  1. And where's the evidence that any gun control would have prevented this guy from having a gun?

    Oh, you can suggest that if there wasn't "easy access" to guns, or a "proliferation of guns" that it MIGHT not have happened, but I want to see some actul facts: What would have STOPPED this man from getting a gun?


  2. Orygunner, What do you want? Shall we do a little "Back to the Future," in order to PROVE what would have happened?

    You've got to use some common sense and reasoning, man. All that proof and stats and evidence is no good for ya.