Sunday, January 9, 2011

More on Latest NRA Hero, Jared Loughner

Couldn't enlist in Army, but could buy a gun.

Classmate, Professor feared Loughner had a gun in class


  1. NRA Hero? You really are an idiot. He was a left-wing extremist...

    You guys probably would have gotten along great.

  2. Anonymous, the attempt to paint him a leftie is pretty weak. The best you could really get away with is that he was a nut, plain and simple, with a mixed bag of political influences.

    Yet, the fact remains he was a gun owner and one who obviously believed in gun violence as an answer. This puts him squarely in the "gunloon" camp. There are a few "left-wing" extremists there, but far and away you guys are a right-leaning conservative bunch, with, as I've said before, plenty of misogyny, racism and homophobia to go around, not to mention paranoia.

  3. I was reading an interesting claim on an NRA website about Loughner. The NRA supporters claimed that Gun control laws will not work on outlaws like Loughner as they would aquire guns illegally. What they forget are the shooters involved in these incidents like Loughner and Cho-Seung Hui (Virginia Tech shooter), both aquired their guns legally. Just walked into a store and bought weapons which were later used for mass murder incidents. Their Logic doesn't add up.
    Also mike, I agree that Loughner was not left wing. He was a crazy nihilist at best, but his logic made no sense at all.