Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rachel Maddow on the Shooting

via Laci.

"integrated databases," that's what we need.


  1. Wow, seems like every politician that is trying to push gun control in the wake of the Arizona tragedy is from New York.

    Are there any politicians introducing new gun control bills this week that are not from New York? Certainly none from Arizona are doing so.

  2. Did you catch Maddow's "expert," Edgar Domenech (25-year BATFE veteran and former high-ranking official, current NYC sheriff), about 9 minutes into the segment?

    The standard issued magazine that I carried was 12 rounds, and one in the chamber, so as a law enforcement federal agent, the maximum capacity I had with my service revolver was 13 rounds.

    A BATFE thug for 25 fucking years, and he thinks he loaded his revolver with a 12-round magazine, with an additional round in the chamber.

    Even by the standards of "gun control" advocates, this is a truly epic level of idiocy. I'm thinking the BATFE must place an even lower limit on IQ scores than the New London, CT police force does.

  3. Zorro, He sure did say "the maximum I could have with my service revolver was 13 rounds."

    Don't you think he just misspoke? He wasn't very eloquent during the interview, the way he said "checks and balances" seemed wrong to me too.

    But, you in your typical nitpicking way put all the focus on that one mistake. Obviously he knows the difference, he just said it wrong.

    His point is there's no need for the higher capacity magazines. That's the point, not whether or not he knows the difference between a semi-auto Glock and a revolver.

    His point is when one of you lawful gun owners goes off the deep end it's better if you don't have that much fire power without having to relaod.

  4. Obviously he knows the difference, he just said it wrong.

    If you say so, but he did choose to be a BATFE stormtrooper for 25 years. That very obviously doesn't speak well of his honor, integrity, or ethics, and the fact that the BATFE was willing to hire him, retain him, and repeatedly promote him very obviously doesn't speak well of his intelligence.

  5. By the way, ignore the humorous (and entirely fictional) account of Paul Helmke's ancestry here. The important (and 100% true) part is the upcoming 100-round Glock magazine (to be named after Helmke).

    Isn't that the coolest, funniest thing ever? I've never been a Glock guy (or a 9mm guy, for that matter), but I might have to adjust my thinking.