Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ray Stern on the Gun Issue in AZ

This op-ed is a riot. If the argument for guns were sound, why would the author have to resort to anecdotal incidents and generalizations?

The other side: Sort of metrosexual. Unwilling to take their own security seriously. The anti-gun culture doesn't fear guns in the way that members of the gun culture fear guns. Their fear is more irrational, phobic - almost superstitious, as if the very presence of guns invites death.

People who don't own or know much about guns -- we imagine that these are often the same type of people who, during a sudden electricity blackout, are initially baffled about what to do. They may not have fire extinguishers in their homes, or, if they do, they're so buried behind stuff in a cabinet that they'd be useless in a fire.

The best part is the comment by Dennis Gilman.

Here is my own statistic or observation:
At every protest I've ever attended in Az, those with the biggest insecurities, mentally disturbed, lowest self esteem, most dishonest and cowardly were the ones strappin guns.

Guns and losers seem to go hand in hand. Why is that Ray? Answer later. I'm on my way out the door.

I'll be taking a night....Alone...without the need to pack heat. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful Ray. Us "Metrosexuals" get all the pussy. We did in High School and College and some things never change. But you can always sleep with your gun.
UPDATE - My comment was removed over there, you know that thing the pro-gun guys keep accusing us of doing. It's really no never mind, it was just calling him out on this stuff I posted about.


  1. Enright Entertainment has been heard from.

  2. Sorry Jadegold, I removed that stupid comment from Serr8d which makes your response to it look funny.

    Serr8d and I had a little e-mail exchange a few weeks ago. He knows the rules. He just comes by every once in a while to break balls because his arguments about gun rights are empty.

  3. I'm concerned that you said somebody removed your comment from a New Times forum. I can't imagine why that would happen. There are 73 comments on that article now, representing all kinds of opinions. We would not reject your comment based on its content -- as far as I know, New Times only deletes spam comments.

    In response to your take on my article, I'll simply turn it around: If the arguments of gun control advocates were sound, they wouldn't need to resort to name-calling, ie. "gun nuts," "dangerous dumb asses", says the other guy you quote, Dennis Gilman.

    I couldn't help but laugh when I saw that you criticized me for "generalizations" while also staying the "best part" was Gilman's comment, in which he states "guns and losers seem to go hand in hand." I hate to break it to you, but that's a generalization, too.

    Maybe you just can't see beyond your own bias.


    Ray Stern

  4. Ray, I'll take you word for the fact that my comment wasn't removed for its content. I'm not such an egomaniac that I think my incisive remarks merit that.

    About the rest, what are you trying to turn this into a pissing contest to see who's the worst namecaller?

    Besides, did I say "gun nuts" and "dangerous dumb asses?" I don't think so.

    My highlighting the comment of Gilman was mainly for its humor, you know the "getting all the pussy" remark. That's also language that I don't usually engage in, although I find it funny and as metaphor, perfectly accurate.

  5. People like Gilman will win the name-calling contest, if that's what it is. I prefer simple facts over hyperbole, which is why I don't typically write pure opinion pieces.

    By the way, feel free to remove one of those comments I posted yesterday. That was a computer error on my part: I didn't think the first one posted, so I typed up another.


  6. Ray, I removed the second comment. Thanks.

    About the name calling, you do pretty good yourself. That's what I was calling you on in the post actually.

    Maybe "name calling" is not the right term for it. It's more like a purposely exaggerated and denigrating description of your opponents. "Initially baffled" in a blackout, no fire extinguisher, etc. This is misrepresenting the gun control folks in the same way some of us paint all you gun guys as redneck hillbillies.

    It's wrong and it's false.