Monday, January 10, 2011

Stupid People Tend to Be Conservative

via Laci

That's a pretty slick saying when you think about it. But is it true? What do you think?


  1. I don't know if stupid is the right word.
    I do think that in many cases "conservatism" is a kind of cop out to accept easy, simplisitc solutions to problems. "When In Doubt, Knock 'Em Out"...the Big Vinnie school of logic.
    It also applies to science and religion. Rather than use logic or bother to learn, it's so much easier to let daddy tell you what to do. Whether a Corporate or Religious "daddy" who gives you the answer easy answer on religious doctrine or global warming, daddy knows best and you don't want to make daddy mad.

  2. ...And criminals tend to be liberal.

  3. Oh really?

  4. Thanks for that link, Jadegold. I hadn't read that anywhere yet. So what are all the defensive justifiers saying then, that he was a "Extreme Left Republican?"

  5. Somewhere, sometime, he registered as a Democrat... but you know, I voted for Ron Paul in the primary (making me technically a registered Republican) and I am a freaking socialist. Means nothing.

    The filthy right-wing fascists are spinning their wheels as fast as they can. They have dropped that dude down the memory hole, big time. I'm sure Loughner will be as stunned as Jack Ruby was, when his friends suddenly never heard of him.