Sunday, January 9, 2011

Murder Suicide in Small Town Michigan

The hits just keep on coming, don't they. This is the story of another unfit gun owner, a former member of the Famous 10% club, now deceased of course.

I already can hear the pro-gun cry, "But what law could have prevented this?"

I'm not proposing any law. I proposing that the legitimate gun owners quit trying to paint themselves as all, or nearly all, responsible and safe people. I'm not the one painting with a broad brush, they are.

The fact is, the world of lawful gun owners is generously sprinkled with all types of unfit characters. As the population goes up, so does the number of hidden time-bombs. It's simple math. You don't need a Linoge-type chart to understand what I'm saying.

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  1. Seems this is the first shooting in the city in 13 years. If 10% of the population do this don't you think there would have been hundreds in that period of time?

  2. No, FWM, it's probably one of those tiny "cities" like the one you live in.