Sunday, January 9, 2011

Watch NRA Grifter Sarah Palin Backpedal

Remember this Sarah Palin PAC ad?

Today, Palin is saying the ad didn't have gun sights on them.

Ummm..wonder why Palin tweeted that they were?


  1. It's typical of Sarah Palin to be caught in such a compromising situation. What was a stupid decision, a case of extreme bad taste, has turned into something much worse. What the hell is wrong with her and her advisers that they can't anticipate potential problems and traps better. Isn't that proof enough that she's not worthy of high political office?

  2. She doesn't know a bulsseye from a horse's ass. Neither do you guys, apparently.

    My sig image utilizes bullseyes.

  3. Actually, Van Dyke, we all know very well the difference between a bullseye and a corss-hair gun sight.

    I have read a few places where they seemed to use the terms interchangeably.