Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baldr's Take on the Legally Stoned Concealed Carry Movement

If you came upon someone on the street who was smoking pot and clearly stoned, how would you feel if they were handed a loaded gun? Do you think that person would have sound judgment, enough to handle a lethal weapon? Would they have good aim? Would you feel safer?

As always, Baldr's obversations are right-on. What do you think?

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  1. Not knowing Oregon's laws on what constitutes 'under the influence,' I can't help but think a person would most likely lose their CCW if stoned and carrying a gun. Much as in most states a person can lose their CCW if intoxicated.

    In CA, one can be considered 'under the influence' from pain medication, alcohol, pot, and even 'lack of sleep.' Yup, one can get a DUI if driving recklessly while too tired.

    Is pot treated any differently if the behavior warrants arrest?

  2. My idea is this. If a person has such pain that they really need marijuana to take the edge off, they shouldn't be carrying a gun. If they are like the vast majority of medical marijuana patients, people who just like to get high, again they shouldn't be carrying a gun.

    I'd do the same for any other medication that affects the coordination and judgment.

    Gun owners, and cops for that matter, should be well-trained, sober and responsible individuals. Anything less is bad news.