Sunday, May 22, 2011

Conservative Louisiana - And They're Not the Only Ones

The State of Louisiana says there’s no such thing as evolution. There’s no such thing as climate change. And that’s the law.

Outrageous as it sounds, this is the situation that thousands of science teachers find themselves in as more and more states pass radical laws promoting the teaching of creationism and climate-change denial in public classrooms.

On April 15, Sen. Karen Carter Peterson introduced SB 70 to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act.
Is it any wonder these guys have a problem with common sense gun control?

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  1. So I suppose paleontology is also verboten. Astronomy would be extremely dangerous. Now that there is an archeological record of tools for building ships going back 60,000 years that's going to get fairly touchy. There wouldn't be much point in teaching ocean sciences in either high school or college. I guess you could still teach the kiddies about fish, marine mammals and sharks without getting into too much trouble. Maybe the earth really is flat and Atlas is still standing underneath us all.

    Hopefully someone will dig up some dinosaur bones with human remains somewhere near the alimentary canal so we can clear this all up.

  2. So do their school murals include Jesus riding on a brontasaurus, Flintstones style?

    Did no one tell Louisiana about the Scopes Monkey Trial?

    Was any version of the movie 'Inherit the Wind' ever shown in theaters there, or on television?

    We have that kind of ignorant asshole here in MN too; he was allowed to give the opening prayer on Friday to our state legislature:

    This guy and his friends in government and politics are big on every crazy conspiracy theory you can imagine; they neither know science much less believe in it; and if they have their way, Minnesota will be a lost a cause and as ass backwards as Louisiana.

    Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi tend to trade off last / worst positions in comparative statistics for states.

    This kind of thing is the reason why.

  3. That's some scary stuff Penigma. Being a Christian myself, I'm going to have to say I do not wish to dirty my mind listening to it.

    Your more ordinary, run-of-the-mill creationist is more of an object of curiosity or perhaps ridicule to some. Intelligent design was an attempt to justify the doctrine that the Bible is the infallible word of God. Every word is true, but it is allegory. God created the galaxies and our own solar system in deep time to someday bring about the creation of his children. Even full-on fundamentalist, right-wing, conservative preachers for the most part think it is pretty silly to think that God made the universe in 6 days approximately 6,000 years ago. It is laughable on the surface. But they will pay lip service to the idea. They don't want to lose anyone.

  4. In subsequent comments post the prayer in the legislature debacle, Bradlee Dean has claimed he feels he is like Martin Luther nailing his theses to the door. Then he adds that he isn't even Catholic; he's ..........wait for it.....CHRISTIAN!

    This is the guy that the Republican chair gave a free table at the MN Republican convention.

    This is the guy that Michele Bachmann fundraises for, and whom the just-declared GOP challenger against DFL senator Klobuchar supports.

    I was raised in a politically active very conservative household. That conservativism has been disowned, when our moderate conservative Republican governors, like Al Quie and Arne Carlson were kicked out of the GOP after the last election. KICKED OUT! in favor of this kind of crap in their place.

    We are going to be as bad as Louisiana and Mississippi any day now, particularly with the cuts to education that are being proposed. We can kiss being one of the top three states for SATs/CATs goodbye.

    For what? For this? Not a good trade off.

  5. I think any religion you follow is going to have some extreme teachings that reasonable people have to take with a grain of salt. I believe this can be done in good faith without abandoning or condemning the whole thing.

  6. Mikeb302000:

    I'm an atheist.

    I don't care what others believe, so long as their beliefs do not impinge on my living a life that I choose.

    As you know I am not anti-gun, I am anti-assholes with gunz. Similarly, I am not anti-religious (though I consider it a form of "fandom") but I am anti-assholes with religion.

    Bradlee Dean is a hatefilled pusbucket.