Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bucks County PA - Gun Paradise

Packing for a picnic has taken on added meaning in Bucks County.

The county commissioners last week rescinded a 14-year-old ban on bringing guns into county parks.

But if the ants invade, kindly resist the urge to blow them away. A ban on discharging firearms in the parks remains.
At least they've got a sense of humor, gracious winners I guess you might call them.

Although I hate to admit it, these gun free zones in the middle of gun friendly territority do cause problems. Up till now, I suppose, an insecure and fearful man who carried a gun to feel safe, would have to leave it in the car in the parking lot outside the park if he took his family on a picnic. That's not good. The obvious benefit was that when he started arguing with the wife over the tuna salad, the gun wouldn't be so handy. Now it's worse.

No, I'm afraid Pennsylvania has lots of problems. If only they could be open-minded and progressive enough to take their cue from California. No open carry, no concealed carry, everyplace outside your home is a gun-free zone.

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  1. Mass shooting always occur where large numbers of presumed unarmed people congregate. Always.

    Besides, didn't you post a story about how many guns are stolen every year (400,000-600,000)? Out of cars and homes I presume.

    Wouldn't the ability to 'Carry' everywhere be a good argument to reduce those thefts?

  2. Anonymous, You have to stop mindlessly repeating the NRA talking points and think for yourself. Laughner proved that mass shootings don't always happen in gun free zones.