Monday, May 23, 2011

Bad Laws Be Damned - AztecRed Style

On a recent comment thread, AztecRed linked to an old post of his which says it all.
"Sometimes good people have to break bad laws."
I suppose, after vehemently opposing any attempts on my part to explain shared responsibility, he's saying it wouldn't be their fault if they were forced against their will the break laws that are so draconian that they have no choice but to break them.

What do you think?  Is there a bit of a double standard there?

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  1. "What do you think? Is there a bit of a double standard there?"

    Is there something wrong with civil disobedience if one is willing to accept the consequences?

    CCW reform will reach CA eventually. But it will happen through the federal courts and with hand picked plaintiffs. And probably not even through the 9th circus.

    Keep in mind the following. People only follow laws which they find reasonable, convenient, and if the penalty is severe.

    Laws outside of those three parameters often are ignored. That applies to all laws whether it be speeding, driving without a cell phone, contractor pulling permits for work, or as an extreme poaching. If you can pay the fine, then its the price of doing business.

    The penalty for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit is little. If I recall, its a misdemeanor easily bargained down to an infraction with fine on the 1st offense.

  2. Well, my problem with this attitude is that the people who proclaim to be morally assessing laws for their righteousness and then making serious judgments about whether it's right or wrong to obey, are not the highly ethical folks they pretend to be. They're neither moral nor patriotic. They're just selfish people who do what the hell they want. They think they know better and so hold themselves above the law. I put these folks in the middle category AUB.