Wednesday, May 18, 2011

California Moves Closer to Prohibiting Open Carry

The bill’s author, Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Portantino of La Canada Flintridge, says his bill will improve public safety. It is supported by the California Police Chiefs Association.
Not only will it "imporve public safety," it will also cut down on silly demonstrations.

What's your opinion? Will this one go all the way? Will it earn California even more Brady Points?

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  1. What it will do is give the next challenge to their flawed concealed carry laws more to stand on.

  2. Improve public safety? So they hope to go from zero incidents down to zero?

    MikeB: “it will also cut down on silly demonstrations.”

    Ding, ding, ding. You nailed the true motivation behind the bill.

    I agree with FMW that this could backfire. Unloaded open carry was California’s way of respecting the right to bear arms.

  3. It just means more people will switch to concealed carry, because sometimes good people have to break bad laws.

  4. Thanks for the link AztecRed. I made it into a post.

    Isn't the fact that the gun is unloaded only one or two seconds different from carrying a loaded one? Isn't that part of what you guys practice, drawing the gun with one hand and the magazine with the other, loading the gun, racking it and blammo, you're in business?

    Inadequately trained gun owners, which is what most of you are, should have to keep their guns at home locked in a safe.