Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trendy Women Shoot Guns Too

The New York Post reports on what the cool gals are up to these days.

In strappy sandals and a flouncy blue dress, the pretty Demetria Chappo couldn’t look more out of place with a rifle in her hand. As she aligns her arms, positions her head and straightens her back, she goes through a mental checklist to ensure her body is in proper position.

Then she takes a deep breath and pulls the trigger.

A second later — smack! — her bullet hits the bull’s-eye.

“It disturbs me to say it, but it felt pretty natural and organic,” says the 33-year-old Boerum Hill resident, who is a marketing consultant, ceramic artist, longtime yoga enthusiast and now, amateur markswoman. “It’s similar to yoga in a lot of ways. You have to be grounded and targeted — for lack of a better word — which is the same way I feel when I’m working on a yoga pose.”
What Breda said was pretty interesting.

I feel so cool now. So...validated.
(I'm kidding.)
Now we knew right away that she was kidding because what validates trendy Breda is her nearly-all-male commentariat.

What do you think? After years of claiming that there are more and more women shooting guns, is it finally starting to catch on?  Or is this still wishful thinking to somehow offset the comical stereotype?

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  1. Demetria Chapeau? er, Chappo?

    Anyone else find this to appear made up?

    Isn't the New York Post one of the Rupert Murdoch rags? Hello, can you say pandering to an audience?

  2. I help teach a ladies only firearm's class every month down at my local club (Manteca, CA). Its free, totally run by certified instructor volunteers and funded through a Friends of the NRA grant.

    Its a big success and over the years it has grown tremendously. Our classes consistently have 50-70 ladies attending from all demographics.

    Is it a sport ladies have interest in? You bet and the more so every month. Shooting IS a lot of fun. My wife loves it more than golf (though the skill sets share a lot in common).

    The kicker is that a lot more women would probably get involved in the shooting sports IF they could learn from someone other than their spouse, and IF there were local programs available.

  3. Thanks for that thoughtful comment, Anonymous. I still think guns are bad news for wonmen, I hope your wife turns out to be one of the lucky and unscathed ones.