Thursday, May 19, 2011

Murder - Suicide Near New Orleans

A man shot and killed himself outside a south Louisiana seafood restaurant just minutes after killing his ex-girlfriend and getting into a shootout with a patron, authorities said Tuesday.

Paul French, 51, shot and killed his ex-girlfriend, Michelle Borer, 42, after he walked into the restaurant and they began arguing.

“She appeared to have been shot multiple times,” the sheriff added.

A patron, who was armed and had a concealed gun permit, pulled out a handgun and began shooting at French, the sheriff said. The two exchanged gunfire before both went outside where French shot himself in the head. Waguespack said. He added that the patron was wounded by a shot to the abdomen.
In gun-friendly Louisiana there's bound to be an armed citizen around when something happens. The only problem is, just like in Arizona during the Loughner shooting, it does no good whatever and seriously increases the chances of others being hurt.

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  1. This happened in a restaurant? So, the vigilante with the heart of gold (but not, apparently, aiming skills to match) starts blasting away. He can't hit the guy with the gun but his own rounds going downrange won't be a danger to anyone else? If there is any logic in that line of thinking I'd like to have it explained to me.

  2. But you are ok with people just standing around and watching some douche blow away his girlfriend, as long as you think that it can advance your statist agenda.....

    And if the second shooter was so ineffective why did Mr jilted lover kill himself, I mean man he had just gotten away with putting his X in the grave, shot himself away from an unexpected shooter.

  3. MikeB: “The only problem is, just like in Arizona during the Loughner shooting, it does no good whatever and seriously increases the chances of others being hurt.”

    No good? This is a murder-suicide instead of a mass shooting. This sounds like a case of a CCW preventing a mass shooting. Had he waited for more people to die, then your answer would have been “but he couldn’t stop it BEFORE five people died…”

  4. The perps of Murder suicide are amazing cowards when confronted a large percentage kill themselves.....

  5. In this particular case, no-one else was hurt by the shooting except those involved. What would you say was the percentage increase in the chances of someone getting hurt if no one did?

    I agree with TS. It looks like a straight forward case of a CC permit holder stopping a mass shooting before it happened.

  6. I don't know TS. We read about the simple murder-suicides every day. The mass shootings are only once a week or so. Chances are the guy would have just done the simple murder-suicide deal in any case.

    My idea is not that we remove guns from the good guys and let the bad guys continue to have them. My idea is that by proper gun control we make it harder for criminals to get guns. That's the whole point. It can't be done directly because, as you guys keep pointing out, criminals won't obey the laws, but it can be done indirectly through the better control of lawful gun owners. That's where the bad guys get their guns. That's where we need to focus.