Friday, May 20, 2011

Speaking of Stolen Guns......another "Peaceful, Safe Minnesota" Incident

From the STrib (emphasis added is mine - DG)

Gun, drugs and baby in back seat?
Article by: JOY POWELL Updated: May 20, 2011 - 10:13 AM

Charges: A high-caliber pistol loaded with 15 live rounds was right next to a baby, along with illicit drugs, in a car in Burnsville.

The Burnsville police officers recognized the young Minneapolis man in the back seat of a car. His criminal history included violent crimes.
He was sitting next to a baby in a sedan stopped in Burnsville for two malfunctioning rear tail lights on Saturday evening.

Police quickly found, according to a complaint filed Thursday in Dakota County District Court, that Antoine M. Goodman, 20, was carrying crack and powder cocaine and a loaded pistol, which turned out to have been stolen.
Officers had begun by asking Goodman why he wasn't wearing a seat belt. He said the back window wouldn't roll down. "When the rear door was opened to speak with the defendant, officers immediately noticed the butt of a pistol at the defendant's feet," the complaint says.

Police ordered the car's occupants to put their hands on their heads, but Goodman "turned away from officers and moved his hands around his waist and was reaching into the pockets of his sweatshirt," the complaint says.

Officers removed him from the car and spotted two small bags that had been under his right leg. One held pea-sized chunks of alleged crack cocaine, individually wrapped in plastic. The other appeared to be powder cocaine, the complaint says.

From the floorboard, and just feet from the baby, officers recovered the 9-millimeter semi-automatic handgun loaded with 15 live rounds. The pistol had been reported stolen but the complaint gives no further details.
Goodman was charged Thursday with felony drug possession, being a felon in possession of a handgun and child endangerment. He has a 2009 felony theft conviction in Dakota County and this year, a minor drug conviction in Hennepin County.

Goodman was being held Thursday evening in the Dakota County Jail in lieu of $30,000 bail with conditions, or $50,000 without conditions.


  1. So a criminal does not expect property ownership, there's a surprise.

    Good work Minneapolis Police! Now if the courts don't turn him back out.....

  2. My apologies, good luck Burnsville police. The dirtbag is from Minneapolis.

  3. I'm guessing FWM, you meant to write "So a criminal does not RESPECT property ownership."

    Possibly, but clealry this criminal would have been less dangerous without a gun than with one. Less dangerous to himself or the police, other motorists, and of course, the baby.

  4. Dog Gone: “Possibly, but clealry this criminal would have been less dangerous without a gun than with one.”

    Yes, and clearly we would be safer from this criminal if we were armed. Which one is easier for us to personally control? Whether this guy has a gun, or we have a gun?

  5. Yes, Dogone, "respect". Thanks for the correction. My iPod autocorrect is sometimes dumber than I am.

  6. You're welcome, FM; typing on an iPod begs for finger oopses - you're not dumb.

  7. Good question TS, which one is easier to control. But, what's easier is not necessarily better. By making it easier for people to get guns, by increasing the gun availability, we ensure that criminals will be armed. On the other hand, if we made it harder to get guns, to qualify for them, if we diminished the overall availability, fewer criminals would be armed.

  8. Antione was a student with me in at
    Nicollet in Burnsville. He was a trouble maker and a bullie in 7th grade- he ran the show. The principle was scared of him and his mother who used the race card for every stituation. he got away with everything and anything.
    At burnsville high school he was the number one drug supplier of the school everbody knew it. The burnsville cops did nothing to stop him. I'm glad his luck finally ran out. We're all lucky he didn't kill anyone I hope he rots in jail

  9. Antoine sexually assaulted me when I was 16. I never told the police because I was scared. Now justice has been served..the police because I was scared. Now justice has been served..