Saturday, May 21, 2011

To the "Semper Paratus" Guys

The following is a comment I left on japete's blog after reading some real nonsense - the other comments not her post.

I love the silly "semper paratus" guys. They're so manly.

Besides having everything in the trunk of the car and in the garage that you might need if you suddenly woke up in the movie "The Road," these guys prepare for one day being in a "kill or be killed" situation. They seriously plan on it, some of them only in the fantasy world, but others for real at the gun range and in the woods. "Kill or be killed," that's the paranoid macho fantasy these guys live with.

From there, naturally the justify any and all gun behaviour. Nothing could be too much or over-the-top, not to these guys.


  1. Our local response time for law enforcement is 30 minutes to 3 days in some cases. Our EMT are all volunteers. That means when they get the call, they leave their jobs, go to the station to get an ambulance and then head to the scene. Avg time is 20-30 minutes. You can bleed to death in just a couple of minutes.

    I certainly do not see anything wrong with having a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher in your home and auto.

    The slave mentality of relying on the government to save you from everything is laughable.

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