Saturday, May 21, 2011

Phoenix Bar Fight - 1 Dead

Phoenix, Arizona is where they have the absolutely most lax gun laws in the country, well tied with a couple other gun-paradise states. But, as the gun-rights folks will certainly inform us, that has nothing to do with this.
Police have identified the man who was killed after a fight broke out at a Phoenix bar early Friday.
What's your opinion? Is a resident of Phoenix more free than one, say, from New Jersey? Do lax gun laws make people more or less free? What do you think?

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  1. "Is a resident of Phoenix more free than one, say, from New Jersey?"



    Oh yeah, I forgot. New Jersey has gun control, gunowner registration, ban on standard capacity magazines, ban on hollow-point bullets, on e gun a month, AND they ban guns in bars.

    Yup, must be safer.

  3. You know, Flagstaff, Oak Creek, Sedona and the Grand Canyon are beautiful. Summer rain and lightning are spectacular. But most of Arizona is just a furnace. Be sure to look for a Navajo trading post or some turquoise.

    If you ever travel to Phoenix, there is a Mexican restaurant/drive thru near the La Quinta Inn on MacDowell Road that has the best and biggest shrimp cocktails this side of the border. If you want to have a really fun evening with a loose cadre of great musicians and singers that play in various configurations, be sure to visit the Rhythm Room. Most normal people would not really consider bringing a gun!.

  4. If there was a curfew instituted so that people were not allowed to be at a bar at 1:45 am to get inot fights, would people be more free, or less free?

  5. Arizona freedom, you can have it.