Friday, May 27, 2011

California Crime Down in 2010

via The SF Gate

The article talks about improved policing and social networking, but guess what? It's no coincidence that The Brady Campaign has determined California to be the number one best state for gun control. I'd say that's got something to do with it.

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  1. Most of the points have to do with curbing illegal gun traffic. I was extremely pleased to know that California bans the sale of clips containing more than ten bullets. (That's pretty many. Even a blind guy should be able to kill with that kind of firepower.) Bop on over and take the Gun I.Q. test. If I got 6/10, I'm sure all of you experts can beat that.

    One of the questions was how long did it take for Jared Loughner to fire off 32 rounds?

  2. Well, considering violent crime is also down in the Brady Campaign’s ZERO rated states, you don’t have much of a point.

    I haven’t found a release of the FBI UCR for Utah for 2010, but they were down in 2009, just like everyone else.

    Also, the total violent crime and murder rates of the ZERO states are all equal to or significantly lower than CA with the exception of AK’s violent crime (though their murder rate is still significantly lower). What does that do for your argument?

    Flying Junior: “One of the questions was how long did it take for Jared Loughner to fire off 32 rounds?”

    That is the point where I got too irritated to continue and closed the window. Anyone with any gun experience knows that had he taken 30 seconds to shoot 32 times there would be a lot more dead people.

  3. Crime seems to be up in Mike Bloomberg's paradise.

  4. I guess so TS. One second per shot would have increased his accuracy without a doubt. I guess he didn't have the patience. I figured one half of a second is about the time it takes to pull a trigger and release it. I don't get your point, however. I guess we're all glad there weren't more dead people.

  5. The way it works for me is this. When crime is up it's due to guns. When crime is down it's due to gun control. There are always other factors too.