Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Different Kind of Gun Powder Plot.....

I came across this story while looking for the correct link to some articles on gun powder as a medium for creating works of art.  I'm still going to post those, but I had to share this story first.

From KSTP news:
Waseca Man Charged After Turning Sex Toy Into Bomb

A Waseca man is charged with making a sex toy into a bomb, and plotting to give it to an ex-girlfriend.
According to a criminal complaint 37-year-old Terry Lester rigged a sex toy with explosives and told two women, he planned to send it to one of two ex-girlfriends because the relationships had ended badly.
He told the women, that when one of his exes used the sex toy, he would pull the trigger and blow them up.
One of the women Lester had talked to about his plan, called police after finding the explosive and bags containing more sex toys, wires and gun powder at their apartment.
The Bloomington Bomb Squad disarmed the bomb. Lester faces ten years in prison if convicted.
The story was later updated in February to show:
Lester pleaded not guilty to felony charges of possessing an explosive device and making terroristic threats. He faces ten years in prison if convicted.
A jury trial is scheduled for May.
While WCCO had the details of the outcome:
Terry Allen Lester, 37, has been charged with felony counts of creating an explosive device and making terroristic threats. (credit: Waseca County)
Terry Allen Lester, 37, has been charged with felony counts of creating an explosive device and making terroristic threats. (credit: Waseca County)
WASECA, Minn. (WCCO) – A Waseca man who was charged with turning a sex toy into a bomb, with the intentions of giving it to an ex-girlfriend, has reportedly reached a plea agreement.
KEYC-TV in Mankato reports that Terry Allan Lester will plead guilty to his charge of creating an explosive device in exchange for having the charge of making terroristic threats dropped.
The incident was reported to police on New Year’s Day. Authorities said Lester had been staying with the apparent intended victim and another woman.
He had been forced to leave the apartment by the landlord but left behind bags, one of which contained a container marked “Christmas Gifts.”
According to the original criminal complaint, police examined the package and found it had been modified with gun powder and buck shot, which were connected to a trigger inside the battery port.
Authorities say Lester planned on giving the sex toy to one of three women he had previously been involved with where the relationship ended poorly. Materials were found suggesting he intended to make two other similar devices.
Police say the device was missing a key starting element, but it still could have exploded.
Sentencing has been set for June 28, KEYC reports.
I'll post an update in June when the sentencing occurs.  I'm struggling with alternating emotions of horror, and laughing out loud.

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  1. I just realized something. Gun owners who commit crimes with guns are what we keep talking about, but here's a guy, presumably a gun owner, who committed another kind of crime. Maybe we need to start including them in the discussions. The mere fact of owning a gun indicates a higher probability of committing violent crimes in general, not limited to gun crime.