Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Henderson NV 5-Year-Old Dead


  1. I like what the neighbour said--there needs to be better gun control laws.

  2. Daddy's boy got
    Daddy's gun
    Shot and kiilled
    His other son

    Burma shave

    Yep, nothing more American than reprising the Cain-n-Abel story with your own kids.

  3. Tragic, tragic, tragic. Is that enough "tragics". I think FuckTheNew'sCorpse only used the word three times. They woulda used it more if it had been a multiple shooting, or if the vic had been a pretty blond girl.

    The 11 yo found a gun, loaded, in a box full of toys, labelled "Treasure"? Tragic doesn't seem to me the right word. Motherfuckingstupid, Criminallynegligentfuckwaddery, those words seem right.

    Where was Eddie Eagle when he was needed, it's TRAGIC that these kids didn't have Eddie's wise counsel before this TRAGEDY occurred. This HORRIBLY TRAGIC ACCIDENT coulda been averted with some proper, commonsense weapons training. 'Course if the fiveovic had been packin' heat, he'd have been able to whack the elevenoperp, 'fore you can say, "lock'n'load".

  4. Henderson is right outside Las Vegas. I've been there many times. The epidemic is everywhere.