Thursday, September 29, 2011

So, who needs a gun?

An attempted rape of woman was stopped by ex-Marine in Queens. Ex-marine,Bryan Teichman, saw a man pulling his victim, an Asian woman in her 30s into some bushes off the Cross Island Parkway. Teichman yelled at the man to stop causing the suspect to flee.

Investigators described the suspect as white, between 45-50-years-old, standing about 5-foot-11 and weighing roughly 220-pounds with salt-and-pepper hair and was wearing denim shorts and a red t-shirt.

Teichman said he felt he did what anyone would do in that situation.


  1. Are you suggesting that women carry around a spare Marine to avoid rape? What the fuck is wrong with you?

  2. Hey, a woman could also take a self-defence class.

    You might be amazed at what a properly aimed blow can do.

    And it beats having a stronger man grab her gun and use it against her.

  3. Come on. A big, tough luchador--wouldn't you come to her aid?

    Or are you just a Wannabe?

  4. I think he's a Juana, not a Wanna.

  5. Thanks for a good post, which illustrates that some dangers are averted without the use of a gun. Others can be avoided through situational awareness and basic precaution.

    The upside is where there is no gun, there can be no gun misuse, and since the misuse of guns far outwieghs the defensive use, it's a better choice.