Monday, September 26, 2011

PETA does it again!

I have to admit that I find PETA to be really obnoxious. They have a really hard time getting their message across since they are fairly unsympathetic. After all, we wouldn't have a lot of life saving vaccines if it weren't for animal texting. And the Nazis were against animal testing, but had no problems with using humans.

And they do like letting naked women walk down the street to protest the fur trade, but are notoriously absent when the issue is leather...

It seems that PETA can't help but exploit women when it comes to getting the message across. Now, they have decided to turn to pornography. "We're hoping to reach a whole new audience of people, some of whom will be shocked by graphic images that maybe they didn't anticipate seeing when they went to the PETA triple-X site," said Lindsay Rajt, PETA's associate director of campaigns. PETA has filed paperwork to launch its pornography site when the controversial new. xxx domain becomes active in early December. While many non-profit and corporations are scrambling to protect their website names from being hijacked by a pornographer slapping on a. xxx domain, PETA is embracing the new domain as just another way to conduct business.

"We try to use every outlet that we can to speak up for animals," Rajt said. "We anticipated that this new triple-X domain name would be a hot topic and we immediately decided to use it and take advantage of it to try to promote the animal rights message."

I can just imagine!

PETA's exploitation of women and mysogny has come under attack before. A Facebook group, Real Women Against PETA, was launched after the organisation paid for a billboard showing an obese woman with the message: "Save the Whales. Lose the Blubber. Go Vegetarian." "PETA is extremely disingenuous," said Jennifer Pozner, executive director of the New York-based advocacy group Women In Media & News. "They have consistently used active sexism as their marketing strategy to garner attention. Their use of sexism has gotten more extreme and more degrading.

This tactic shows that PETA needs to seriously reexamine how they present their message and whether that message is too extreme for most people. The real problem is that PETA has troubl;e presenting their message in good taste.


  1. I'd have more respect for PETA if instead of attacking 70 year old women in fur coats, they would instead throw their buckets of blood on bikers wearing leather.

    Well, I would have any more respect for the PETArds but it would be entertaining to watch.

    I don't agree much with Greenpeace but I do respect their dedication and resolve. I even donated once just because the kid had the balls to tell me that the money would indeed be used to get him arrested when I asked as much.

    PETA, on the other hand, are at best, idiots and most are hypocrites. How many dead animals did they get caught throwing in a Baltimore dumpster?

  2. PETA "is" pornography. Thanks for this spot-on piece.

  3. Leslie reminded be that once I was commenting on Femenisting or Feministe, one of those sites. An ad for PETA was on the side bar with Pamela Anderson's tits hanging out. I wrote a strong comment about the bizarre justaposition of wrotten feminist theory and that particular ad. They didn't like me very much after that. That was before I found the pro-gun crowd to torment.

  4. "That was before I found the pro-gun crowd to torment."

    But the pro-gun crowd likes tormenting PETArds. It is a vicious cycle.

  5. PETA tends to be on the receiving end of almost everyone's torment. They are the extreme end of the extreme end.

    I didn't know they are indeed alleged to kill animals. I didn't trust that site since it sounded like a Koch Front group and checked it out to find out that was true.

    I guess I shouldn't be too surprised given what jerks PETA are.

    FWM, I would prefer to deal with the USNRA than PETA anyday--at least I know where I stand with the USNRA crowd.

  6. Yes, Laci; PETA is vile and part of the animal rights extremists fringe. If you look at some of the Homeland security files (on SCRIBD), you can see just how dangerous the animal rights crowd are.

    What this really boils down to is that ALL extremists tend to be dangerous, because they are willing to force anyone who doesn't share their odd views to do things their way when they fail to accomplish their goals by persuasion.

    FWM, once again, we find something where we agree.

    Leslie - nice avatar!

  7. I agree with Dog Gone about the Avatar, Leslie.

  8. PETA can do us all a big favor and return thier faiefax virginia HQ to its animal deathhout and roll around in the dirt wearing pigsnouts and behaving like their losing their minds which they never had in the first place

  9. Thanks Bird of Paradise, but does that mean you don't like them?