Sunday, September 25, 2011

"They Think Everything Is A Toy."

Same old story:

A 4-year-old southwest Charlotte girl died Saturday after she was accidentally shot, possibly by a cousin as young as 3, relatives said.Family members of the victim say a young cousin apparently pulled the trigger. The cousin's age is undetermined, but Observer news partner WCNC-TV is reporting the age as between 3 and 5.Erin Melendez, 37, was charged with storing a gun in a manner accessible to a minor. Police said they don't expect to file any more charges. Melendez's relationship to the victim was not immediately known.

Prett y amazing, huh?  Only in America could you see a small child get killed because an adult doesn't have to be accountable for her firearm.  Thanks to the NRA and a small group of gunloons, firearm crimes are decriminalized.


  1. This should be a criminally negligent homicide.

  2. A town about 10 miles from where I live has had a spate of fires in one apartment complex. During one of the fires a few months back, two guys who were near the apartment where the fire started rescued a small child who quite likely would have died absent their help. That child's mother has just been sentenced to 90 days in jail for negligence.

    It's just her bad luck that she didn't have a gun.

  3. democommie, that's a great anecdote. So often the negligent gun owners seem to get off light.