Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our Numbers

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  1. Thanks Mike, for posting that info! Good for us! It's nice to see the site readership is growing.

    I hope that you feel the new kids on the block are pulling their weight here in contributing to that growth.

    On Penigma, we use, which has recently initiated an additional feature which indicates a number next to very popular searches, indicating where one ranks in google searches on popular page reads. I measure the success of the writing by both by being 1-10 in google searches on certain subject - my writing on the spending of social secrity payroll tax revenue has been a source of particular personal gratification - and by WHO is doing the reading. So, I'm always particularly pleased with seeing congressional offices, state offices, academic institutions, and the occasional think tank or political group reading our site.
    Do you have any similar sense of the breakdown of those numbers here? Can you tell anything about the kind of readers we have here?

  2. I really don't care how many people read my stuff, but I am glad to know this is getting readership.