Friday, September 30, 2011

Ruidoso NM City Council Overrules Mayor on Gun Ban

The comments are priceless, and speak very well for the gun-rights movement.

If he fears for his life perhaps he too should carry a gun. If there is any dispute, they can take it to the streets. Or maybe he's afraid he cannot out draw his enemies and hopes to disarm them before they enter the building. Foolish trying to prevent a gunfight.
This poor mayor is just like me trying to sell sensible gun control ideas on The Democratic Underground diaries.

What's your opinion? Is this another minor victory for the gun-rights movement? Are they trying to win this battle by a type of Chinese Water Torture? What do you think?

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  1. Must be a member of MAIG. They are prone to breaking the law.

  2. You've got that right, FatWhiteMan. MAIG are anything but law-abiding citizens. I can't remember a single gun-free zone that has increased public safety. I wonder if he will hold up his promise of resignation over the issue?

  3. To the deniers of gun-free-zones-being-useful I say what about prisons? Why do even cops disarm when entering a prison? Would the controlled environment of a prison be safer if there were armed people inside?

  4. yes, Prisons, courts, and other places where there is security in place that can prevent guns form entering.

    It's not freedom these people are pushing, it's a repressive state where there is strong security.