Thursday, September 29, 2011

Which side are you on?

This is the real question for people in the US: Which side are you on?

The side of the rich, exploiters?
Or the side of the exploited people?


  1. Man, that's my progressive, vote pragmatically progressive or just pick up the knife and slit you own throat cause it's a lot quicker. The GOP has turned into a death cult...

  2. more on my " GOP death cult" meme. The idiocy of the mindless support of executions in face of disputable evidence. The logic is almost like the plot of a Stephen King novel! Booing Gay armed service members, denying the funding for infrastructure...the supposed litmus test of climate change denial... just about the only country left standing in the way of dealing with climate change, nuclear power safety seems to be the Republican obstructionist medieval mentality dominated US Congress. This group of bizarre endtime fantasizing apocalypse now wishing idiots can not be allowed to destroy the planet, which is what they seem to be intent on doing, as long as they can stay comfy with the air conditioning on...while the disaster is in progress!

  3. It is indeed your question, Microdot, but I wanted another version of the song.

  4. The problem in the USA is that the exploited people are largely so co-opted and clueless about their real best interests that they're on the side of the rich exploiters.

  5. Debra, your observations about the exploited are, I believe, true for the tea partiers and others on the right. Less so for those in the center and more to the left who are more aware of the wealth gap and what mechanisms have made the 'playing field' so unfairly imbalanced so as to largely create that gap. It takes a certain sophistication and education to recognize and understand those economic mechanisms which I find the tea partiers and the GOP policy supporters consistently lack.

  6. The problem, Debra, is that the US has seen its media consolidate into the hands of the few. Additionally, "public media" is funded by "underwriting", which is a deceptive term for commercials.

    Part of what allows true public media independence is that it is not beholden to commercial interests. True public media tries to be balanced. Unfortunately, US Public Media is not totally slanted to the right, but it is far more biased than other public media outlets.

    That's one of the reasons that this is barely covered by USMSM.

    You can't have news that threatens the status quo.

  7. Did you guys see that Jon Stewart video, we may have even posted it on the blog, in which he spoofs the tax cuts for the rich by showing many of the voting Senators and Congressmen with "Millionaire" stamped across the picture?

    No wonder they keep allowing it.