Thursday, September 29, 2011

Texas (Young) Grandmother Stops Criminal

To me this is an example of a good clean DGU. What do you think?


  1. She handed her son the gun and went to call the cops? Why didn't she have her son call the cops? She's the one who's not afraid of guns, so why not just get into that combat stance and face down the perp while the slow witted and slower footed plods arrive on the scene.

    Hell, he was on her proppity, she shoulda just waxed him. He prolly wrecked her bushes.

  2. Democommie, I had the same thought about having her son call 911.

    I would expect a similar response from this bad guy to being confronted by a dog in his face, eye to eye, growling at him, if the owner told the bad guy not to move.

    My other thought was........12 cop cars responded to this? WHY? That seems excessive for one guy at gun point on his hands and knees...