Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ayn Rand on Religion

One commenter describes himself as a Randian Businessman: Does that mean he screams about government, yet is more than willing to take government handouts?


  1. Oh! You must be referring to me.

    I posted a response to a commenter, Dr. William Yelverton (a professor I've sparred with for years now) who also attempted to use the 'Rand Attack' against me.

    Ayn Rand came to this nation from the Soviet Union. What she knew was Communism; what she railed and warned her readers against was the people who were sneakily bringing the thinking of Communists into this country (and into other nations) to gain ideological footholds. Socialism IS Communism; we are seeing it 'coming out' everywhere, most recently in places like Zuccotti Park (prior, in Detroit: a Democratic stronghold-city for decades now that is much worse off for it).

    The normalization of Marxist ideology by the newly-gone-too-far-Left Democratic Party, and their recent pulling out of all stops: gaining acceptance amongst 'Community Organized' voters for their practice of offering Other People's Money taken from the Treasury exchange for votes keeping them in power, is Ideological Subversion, professionally speaking.

    We just won't stand for it, you see. If you want that kind of nation, go to one that's already formed as such, and leave our little Republic alone.

  2. From someone who sez:
    Without God, Humans are but Animals.

    Betcha didn't listen to what she says about religion after having lived in the US of A for how long?

    Then you come up with the standard, "she was just collecting what she put in" argument.

    You are truly good for a laugh serr8d.

  3. BTW, hot air does not count as substance.

  4. I also see you have a comments policy:
    Have a comment? Not a liar or a griefer, a spammer or a foul internet troll?

    Feel free to comment, then.

    Not getting published? See the "Complaints" tab. All comments to this blog are reviewed before being published, on my schedule.

    And I am very busy.

    But, never too busy to show the world what a moron you are though.

    Given you don't publish comments from trolls, I am amazed that you have a blog. But it is your blog for you to make your comments.

    I don't need to read it if I don't want to.

    But, you are always good for a laugh.

    And stoic is not the same as stupid.

  5. Oh, dear, poor 8shitforbreakfast is whining again. Ayn Rand was, as is typical of your staunch, rockribbed conservatives, a lying sack of shit.

    " what she railed and warned her readers against was the people who were sneakily bringing the thinking of Communists into this country (and into other nations) to gain ideological footholds. Socialism IS Communism; we are seeing it 'coming out' everywhere, most recently in places like Zuccotti Park'

    Said by another lying sack of shit.

    Why is it that conservaturds like to rail against socialism using the publicly owned and regulated airwaves and the internetztoobz created by, gasp!, DARPA?

    Hypocrisy, the name is neo-conservatism.

  6. Good pointabout the Internet, Demo!

    Even though Rand "despised government interference and felt that people should and could live independently... She didn't feel that an individual should take help." Yet she Social Security and Medicare payments which she received under the name of Ann O'Connor (husband was Frank O'Connor).

    Her assistant said, "Doctors cost a lot more money than books earn and she could be totally wiped out" without the aid of these two government programs.

    Hey, Ayn practise what you preach about taking helpp from the government.

    And Serhatred, how much does the TVA influence your life?

  7. Jimbo cracks me up.

    " Socialism IS Communism"

    Yet, Jimbo lives in a state where were it not for the Federal Government--there'd be no electricity.

    So, Jim, when you flip the light switch--remember you're being a Commie!

  8. I didn't know that the great Ann Rand took government money. Reminds me of that other character on Sipsey Street.

  9. YEs, and her reason was that she had paid into the system and wanted to get her money back.

    So much for all that self-sufficiency rubbish--gimme a handout so I don't go broke!

    Isn't that called entitlement?

  10. This:

    "After the Russian Revolution, universities were opened to women, including Jews, allowing Rand to be in the first group of women to enroll at Petrograd State University,[7] where she studied in the department of social pedagogy, majoring in history.[8] At the university she was introduced to the writings of Aristotle and Plato,[9] who would form two of her greatest influences and counter-influences, respectively.[10] A third figure whose philosophical works she studied heavily was Friedrich Nietzsche.[11] Able to read French, German and Russian, Rand also discovered the writers Fyodor Dostoevsky, Victor Hugo, Edmond Rostand, and Friedrich Schiller, who became her perennial favorites.[12]

    Along with many other "bourgeois" students, Rand was purged from the university shortly before graduating. However, after complaints from a group of visiting foreign scientists, many of the purged students were allowed to complete their work and graduate,[13] which Rand did in October 1924."

    is from Wiki (not a primary source, but it's probably fairly close to the truth).

    So, it looks like Ms. Rand (nee Rosenbaum) was not averse to sucking on the CCCP's gummint teat when she needed to do so.

    Since she died in the early 80's, it's entirely likely that she had access to healthcare insurance (at a time when it was still somewhat affordable). Apparently she did not take personal responsibility to ensure that she would not be a drain on the weak, socialist society that she so disdained. Fucking hypocrite.

  11. Or some other hypocritical Libertarian stalwarts being willing to use socialism for their own gain.

    It's called the ladder principle--I climb up it, but pull it up before you can follow.

    Ayn Rand knew how to play the 50s Red Scare for her own gain.