Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nine-Nine-Nine (999): EMERGENCY

One problem with some ideas is that you need to see if they have other negative connotations--such as calling a car "Nova" and trying to sell it in countries where they speak Romance Languages and "Nova" means "won't go".

In this case, Herman Cain's 999. That's the Emergency number in the UK and a few other countries. First introduced in the London area on 30 June 1937, the UK's 999 number is the world's oldest emergency call service.

It will be interesting if the other candidates pick up on this.


  1. This could be played the other way as well. America is in an emergency situation - the solution is to call on Cain and his 999 emergency solution...

    I haven't looked at the numbers, but it seems obvious to me that taxes would go up for the majority of tax payers under this plan - espicially if 47% or so are not paying federal income taxes now. I don't think he was proposing any sort of minimum income to be exempt from the tax was he?

  2. Given the reception his plan has had from the other repubs--I'd think they would use it as a warning.

    The problem is that in the countries that use this number, it would be a warning. It's like saying get the 911 means get the information on something in the US.

    Yes, most people would see their tax burden go up except for the rich. As I said, he's getting a lot of flack from the other republicans about this plan.

  3. I should add that I was the only person pointing out what Bristols are in British slang when Sarah Palin was running.

  4. Laci - that is 411 for information in the U.S. 911 is our emergency number.

  5. I don't dial 911.

    Maybe that's why I'm always getting the wrong people.

  6. Herman Cain's "999" plan is idiotic; this is not a surprise.

  7. Herman Cain's "999" plan is idiotic--this is not a surprise.

    "espicially if 47% or so are not paying federal income taxes now..."

    That statement is also idiotic, do some research.

  8. Democommie - here I did some research for you:

  9. Oh, dear, Jim found a two year old set of stats that he thinks are etched in stone.

    Jim, the 47% figure was for 2009--right after WS imploded and MILLIONS of americans saw their life savings and investments turn into dust. Yeah, lots of folks didn't pay taxes for 2009--because they suffered huge losses and were able to write them off.

    Like many other people you conflate not paying federal income taxes with not paying taxes. Everybody pays taxes, unless they don't consume anything. Something like 17% of everyone's purchasing power is tied up in taxes paid by producers. Someone on welfare still pays taxes--and those taxes are a far greater %age of their "income" than what is paid by the Kochsuckers.

  10. Laci said, "I don't dial 911."

    Isn't that funny? Have you seen those signs the real gun nuts put on their homes with a handgun next to the words?

  11. That was wwhat I was alluding to, but in reference to my using 999 instead of 911.

    And mistaking 911 for 411.