Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Debt Crisis; for Jim

Comedy is funniest when it is also the most true and accurate.

This is especially for Jim, because this interview elaborates on how the 99% have been ripped off and exploited by the 1% acting unethically and in some cases illegally. And it also explains why the 99% of us have been left in debt, without the resources we should reasonably have expected to have for our working years. This is not the entire picture, the whole problem, but it illustrates a part of what the 99% are properly angry about.

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Ellen Schultz
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  1. Not really a good answer for Jim. The reason people are in debt is explained in this post.

    What you have posted is one of the many effects of the economic shell game.

  2. Here'a another thing that ticks me off, one of the Koch Funded Pundits talking about Job Creation Myths.

    Think of the economy as being a trip to the Casino, Jim, and the bank always wins.

    Also, if these people are going to claim to be "job creators", then they should accept that responsibility.