Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Bears--Oh My!

I can't help wondering how far Fat White Man is to Zanesville, Ohio right now, and if he is, whether he is enjoying some big game hunting?



  1. I feel badly for the people who are being terrorized by dangerous loose exotic animals. Ohio has some of the worst regulation of these dangerous animals, and events like these epitomize why the average person should NOT be permitted to own them. Far too often it doesn't end up well for either the humans, or the animals either. Imported exotic speices of snakes and other reptiles are not only menacing humans in states like Florida, but also creating havoc with their native species.

    The damage caused to ecological systems can be extreme and costly when imported exotic animals get into the eco-system, as for example the wolves and other predators like the bears might do, even the big cats, might do in Ohio. I wrote about that scenario with reptiles, specifically tree snakes in Guam here:

    At least in Guam they don't apper to be intentionally imported. Sadly, as with guns, because people are not sufficiently responsible, we have too many occasions which are a danger to the larger public, and which end up requiring government intervention to resolve. Like firearms which are inherently dangreous, exotic animals should be more rigorously limited, and only to those who are willing to provide adequate insurance, bonds, and security for their care, and who have a genuine need or use for them. They should not be kept on whim; not as pets, and not as toys, and not to make up for someone's unfortunate inadequacy.

    Typically we see wolf hybrids kept by those who have some kind of macho problem with their virlity. The only exception that I know of are those who carefully hybrid breed sled dogs who seek a very small amount of wolf in their dogs for the purpose of increasing stamina without risking the attendant aggression hazards. The number of those is very very small.

    FWM may not be at risk from lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) himself, but he definitely has some serious competiton for the venison he might want to be putting into his sloppy does!

    If you are in Ohio, FWM, stay safe! Even if we don't agree with you very often, we would miss you and would hate to have anything bad happen to you!!!!

    Which reminds me - we haven't heard from Aztec Red in quite a while; hope he is well, and safe, wherever he is too!

  2. My bet is that FWM is looking to mix a little cheetah into his venison sloppy does :p.

  3. The deppity said "wooves", two or three times.:)

    I am willing to bet that there are some guys out there around Zanesville who are practicing their acceptance speech for their Darwin Award ("Here, hold my beer and watch this!").

    Wonder how many cows will get shot because they look "just like" a tiger.

  4. Big cats tend to be like their smaller domestic counterparts and prefer to remain hidden.

    I'd be more concerned for the real Laci since she is small, but doesn't think she is. She's tried to take on more than one large dog.

    Still, not a nice surprise to run into one of these critters.

  5. I think Jim's right about FWM, that's why he's not writing. Who has time to blog when there's big game to shoot?

  6. The video link on this post is self-starting repeatedly and it's annoying as hell.

  7. It just re-started 3 more times in less than five minutes. Please disable the video and just put a link on for it.

  8. I spoke too soon! It just fired itself again; oh noes, accidental "discharge".:)

  9. Thanks for the concern. That is about 110 miles away so I doubt we will be in danger.

    I wonder what Bengal Tiger tastes like?

  10. I hope I've stopped the autoplay this time.