Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In Gun Friendly Ohio - 2 Dead 1 Wounded

Two men were killed and a woman was hospitalized last night after a triple shooting in western Licking County.

Licking County deputies were called at 4:45 p.m. yesterday to a reported shooting. There, they discovered the bodies of Brian Scott Kolesar, 38, and Charles W. Cheadle, 75, inside a car parked on the road.

They found the Julie A. Arnold, 35, outside the car. Arnold is recovering from two gunshot wounds in the chest at Grant Medical Center in Columbus.

Witnesses told deputies that Arnold was driving west on Rt. 16, about 200 yards east of Watkins Road, when she stopped the car in the road and got out. As she was leaving the car, she was shot by one of the men in her car.

Sounds like your typical domestic violence, which it was.

Thorp said in a news release today that Arnold and Kolesar had been involved in a troubled relationship. Cheadle was Arnold's father.

Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen said deputies went to the residence yesterday in response to some kind of family disturbance. They hoped to have Kolesar committed, he said.

“They were hoping to pink slip this guy but he didn’t meet the criteria. He wasn’t endangering anyone or endangering himself,” Phalen said. “We really didn’t have any reason to arrest him or commit him.”
This is where our lax gun laws and lax attitudes towards gun ownership cost lives. The guy in this story was not fit to responsibly own a gun, everyone knew it, but nothing could be done. Isn't it likely that My Solution would have screened him out? Do you think a guy that volitile could have withstood a serious background check which screens for criminal and misdemeanor violence as well as mental health problems? I doubt it.

How about drug testing for gun ownership? We've discussed this lately. Don't you think that would screen out some of the guys like this? I do.

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