Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Self While Practicing Tactical Shooting

 Local news reports

The victim, 58, told police he was practicing tactical target shooting, moving from one target to another. The man told police he shot himself in the right thigh with a .45-caliber handgun while moving behind a tree. 

Witnesses also reported the shooting was accidental and self-inflicted. The man was taken to a hospital with a wound from a bullet that entered in his thigh and exited behind his knee. 

The location of the shooting "appears to be an appropriate site" for target practice, Saginaw County Sheriff's Office Lt. Randy Pfau said.
Who could ever forget Tex Grebner? But, the truth is I haven't seen all that many of these.  Maybe they're hiding them among the other negligent discharges, but I would think there would be more accidents among tese silly fantasy-dwellers who practice tactical drills with their fetish items.

Maybe the reason is that guys who practice are pretty safe.  The ones who don't practice and all-of-a-sudden decide to show the girlfriend how cool the guns is are the dangerous ones.

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  1. The issue at hand isn't the object, be it a gun, or a sports car (yes that analogy again) it is the idiot behind the wheel/trigger. A gun (or the lack thereof) does not create a new problem, but reaffirms the urgency to solve an existing problem (idiocy).

  2. Safety training is important. This is why I recommend having one of those realistic-looking toys. Those things offer much safer training in the beginning. But Mikeb, training to move while shooting is also important. That's what a real gunfight would be like. You don't want us to prepare for reality. You want our guns locked up and probably disassembled in a safe somewhere away from our daily lives.

  3. Here's a simple explanation: people who are serious about training and practice are probably just as serious about safety protocols.