Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hmmm, What Have We Here?

Looks like the NRA has discovered new avenues to endanger children.

Seems the manufacturer of NRA-approved "Saturday Night Specials" seems to have another hobby, other than gunloonery and the NRA.

Meet  Bruce Lee Jennings--former owner of Bryco Arms and NRA member.  Be sure to read the entire story linked; NRA member Jennings is a real piece of work.  A sample:

In the current criminal case, Jennings told ICE agent Joseph Grey that he had been looking at child pornography for at least five years and that he was aware that the children he was viewing were "real children who had been sexually abused," the complaint says. When Grey asked Jennings how much child pornography he possessed, the suspect answered, "A lot," the complaint says.
Jennings then told Agent Grey that he had a laptop computer hidden in his Chrysler. When ICE investigators searched the car, they found the laptop which contained hundreds of images and movies, the complaint shows.
Geez, it's pretty bad when your perversion extends to your car.  Then, again, gunloons need their fetish everywhere. 


  1. Would you care to explain where you get the idea that this man is an NRA member? He may be, but I see nothing in the source article to indicate that. Where do you get the idea that a "Saturday Night Special" is NRA-approved? You may wish to read the article that you cited for that, since it discusses the racist origins of the term and of laws related to such guns.

    Jadegold, you just can't help yourself. You're incapable of providing evidence to support your claims, incapable of rational thought, and incapable of winning an argument.

  2. I'm very interested to hear what Laci would have to say on this matter.

  3. Gosh, Greggy, are you seriously claiming the NRA has not opposed regulation of standards for gun manufacturing? Really?

    Again, this story points the unmistakeable fact that many gunloons have serious issues.

    1. This story is about one guy, not a group or "many" as you try to indicate. Describe "many", what their profile might be, what segment of a community or belief.

      Please profile a "gunloon".
      Please give an accurate description of a "gunloon".
      Please what segment of a society would be a "gunloon".
      Please give an accurate population of a "gunloon".
      Please cite the differences of a gun owner and a "gunloon".

    2. Jadeinfant,

      To my knowledge, the NRA does not support the kind of standards that you want. But that doesn't make a "Saturday Night Special" an NRA-approved gun. Try an analogy here: I support your right to express yourself. That does not imply that I endorse what you say.

      But let's compare two groups: gun owners and Mayors Against Illegal (so they say) Guns. Have you looked at the number of felons in the latter group? You love to use the word "many," but you should note how your misuse can be turned against your side.

    3. Actually, Greggy, the NRA supports no manufacturing standards. None. It's kind of ironic since the NRA, in the 1960s, was on record as opposing "saturday Night Specials."

      But that was when the NRA favored registration and many aspects of gun control.

      I'd happily compare your list of MAIG members against gunowners any day.

    4. Green Goblin, why don't you do a search for Mayors Against Guns and felonies. The most recent is the mayor of Trenton, New Jersey who has been arrested on corruption charges. We'll see how that plays out. By contrast, the record of gun owners is clear: 100,000,000 of us in this country, and yet the number of gun injuries and deaths per annum from all causes--accident, suicide, murder, police shootings, self-defense, and so forth--is one tenth of one percent of total owners.

      But I'm still waiting for you to answer these questions:

      1. What's your evidence that the man in this article is an NRA member?

      2. Why would it matter even if he is?

      3. How does the NRA's lack of support for manufacturing standards, whatever that might mean, equate to approval of a specific handgun? Again, does my support of free speech mean that I approve of what you say?

  4. Greggy, I'm aware that anytime something about MAIG gets posted, gunloons, in a Pavlovian gesture, publish a well-publicized list of those Mayors who are under indictment or convicted of misdemeanors and felonies.

    BTW, none have been arrested, indicted, or convicted for violence--especially gun violence.

    OTOH, do you want to compare gunloons who have been convicted of either/or gun violence and other crimes such as tax fraud, sexual assault, DUI, drug abuse, etc?

    1. Because of a Virginia law that goes into effect in July, New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and his agents could be charged with a felony if they continue to target Virginia gun dealers with undercover sting operations.

      I would say that Blooberg and his agents are real close to several gun convictions of straw purchases by doing illegal sting operations.

    2. Now that would be beautiful irony--Bloomberg and company convicted of gun crimes. Of course, he'd still have his armed protection detail, unless he's tossed in a Virgina prison for a stretch.

    3. He could end up in several different prisons trying to be the policeman of the country. He has pissed off several other states mayors and governors. His so-called sting operations are out of his jurisdictions and with no prior approval of the states leaders outside his domain. And as I understand it, under several investigations currently.

      He has done way more than abuse 'professional courtesy' between other authorities. He has been sent more than one letter of warnings to back off or else and cease such practices. He trys to assume the duties of Eric Holder.

      As far as the other mayors? Convicted of crimes or have been indicted of some very serious crimes that in my opinion far exceed the gun laws being broken. The worst for me was the mayor caught soliciting sex from a minor, that guy needs to be shot!

      Its no wonder that this criminal group wants to disarm everyone, illegal guns aside. A criminal always wants to disarm and control their victims!