Monday, September 24, 2012

Reckless Utah Gun Owner Gets a Big Break

Local news reports

I applaud the courts for not sending this guy to prison. That part is right and just. But the technical watering down of the definition of "reckless" is a travesty. The downgrading of his charges from felony to misdemeanor is a miscarriage of justice.

This happens in gun-friendly places like Utah. It's a disgrace.

A Juab County judge ruled there is not enough evidence to prove a Weber County man was reckless in the shooting death of his younger brother.

Please tell me how handling guns while under the influence of alcohol and forgetting there's a round in the chamber and pointing a gun at someone's head and pulling the trigger does not add up to reckless.


  1. Mikeb, I don't understand your priorities here. You don't think that this man should go to prison? I see no difference in this case from an example of someone getting drunk, driving a car, and killing an innocent person. Both sound like criminally neglegent homicide to me.

    1. Drop the car comparisons, for crissake.

      I say jail is useless in this case but disarming the guy is necessary.

  2. I think this guy should be locked up. He intentionally pointed a gun at someone who was no threat to him, pulled the trigger, and shot the guy. His state of drunkeness has no bearing on his criminal behavior.