Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Negligent Discharge - No Problem, Lie to the Cops - Big Trouble

 Local news reports

According to information released today by the Buchanan County Sheriff's Department, the victim - Mark D. Jarrell, 41, of Canada, Kentucky - admitted the shooting was an accident and the wound was self-inflicted.

With the initial call to police, Jarrell stated an unknown assailant had shot him. The information prompted an immediate and agressive response from the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office, BCSO Emergency Response Team, Norfolk and Southern Police and the Virginia State Police - even prompting officials to close area schools for the day while police searched for the shooter.

After the investigation and once he was released from the hospital, Jarrell admitted it was an accidental self-inflicted gunshot. 

Criminal charges are pending against Jarrell for giving false information to a police officer during an investigation. 
This is a perfect illustration of one of the great truths of American society. You can be as irresponsible with your guns as the day is long, but don't lie to the police. That's when you get yourself in trouble.

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  1. False reporting is a crime, regardless of what it's about. A false report could get an innocent person in trouble, and it certainly wastes the time and resources of the police. The situation that you describe is as it should be.