Saturday, September 29, 2012

OK Gun Range Accidental Shooting - One Man Dead

Local news reports

Cherokee County officials say a Tahlequah man died near Camp Gruber in what they believe is an accidental shooting.

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Investigator James Brown said James Woolard died at a gun range near the Zeb entrance of Camp Gruber.

Woolard, 44, died from what appeared to be an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound, Brown said.

“It looks like he was target practicing out there,” Brown said. “I don’t know if he was cleaning his gun, or what.”
I could understand shooting yourself in the leg or the foot by accident, but a lethal shot to the head or chest? I can't even imagine how a lawful gun owner who has some experience with guns could do that. Can you?

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  1. By my count, this is at least the 27th shooting injury or death at shooting ranges reported in the media so far this year:

    Hey, aren't gun ranges supposed to be havens of safety, with supervision and strict adherence to the 4 rules??

  2. Fools do that sort of thing. He probably had a round that didn't fire when he squeezed the trigger. Curious about the event, he picked up his firearm to look down the barrel and the round finally fired.

    Basic firearm safety tells you to always keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction. This main failed. And basic firearm safety tells you to keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction for at least one minute if you pull the trigger and the round of ammunition fails to go bang. After one minute, you try to clear the round of defective ammunition while still pointing the barrel in a safe direction. You never look down the barrel.

    Shooting ranges are havens of safety in terms of violent crime. I have not researched how often people attempt suicides or violate safety protocols at gun ranges so I cannot comment on those events. I do know that some ranges are not supervised. And even if a range is supervised, the supervisor cannot monitor everyone all the time.

    1. This is probably similar to what happened:

      This video shows a man almost shooting himself in the noggin. Moron.

  3. The man from Oregon counts twenty-seven shootings at a range this year. That's out of how many tens of thousands of ranges? What I never can understand is how the control freak side consistently fails to recognize how rare these things are.

    1. It doesn't matter how rare or common it is. If something goes wrong just once, that is enough justification for a control freak to jump in.

    2. That's just the thing, Anonymous, something just doesn't go wrong. It's always NEGLIGENCE.