Monday, September 24, 2012

Detroit Gun Owner Doesn't Like the Google Camera Truck

ABC News reports

Google's effort to revamp its mapping system took an eerie turn when one of its Google Street View camera trucks captured a young shirtless man pointing a gun at a Detroit street. 

In September 2009, Google's camera snapped photos of a man with a gun standing on the porch of the house that appears to be the house where a 17-month-old child was found dead in a closet under a pile of clothes this summer. 

There are four other people standing behind the man with the gun, all gazing toward the camera, which was lodged atop a Google Street View mapping car. 

All parties on the porch look young, perhaps in their teens. The series of photos shows how they all turn to look at the Google truck as it passed by.

How come they keep saying the UK has the most domestic surveillance?  These Google trucks are mapping EVERYTHING, and recording what's going on in the meantime.

Besides, is it a bad thing?  Doesn't it prevent crime while not depriving lawful citizens of anything?

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  1. Surveillance? How often does the Google cam go by? You know that Google street view isn’t a live feed, right?

  2. Mikeb, once again, you show the principle that if you toss out one right, any others are fair game. You've chucked the idea of gun rights, and now, you're happy to give up privacy. What are you going to do when society comes after a right that you do value?

  3. Anyone remember when google killed bambi...