Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gunloon Medical Remedies

This is how the gunloons will spin this story: did stop his hiccups!!

An arrest affidavit said Myers, the victim and another man were drinking alcohol and watching football Sunday night at a home in the 2800 block of Cantabrian Drive in Killeen when the victim got the hiccups.Man wanted to scare victimTo make the victim’s hiccups go away, Myers produced a handgun and pointed it at the man’s head in order to scare him.Believing the gun to be loaded with dummy rounds, Myers then fired. A bullet struck the victim in his eye.


  1. No spinning to be done here. Maker's Mark and Sig Sauer are good brands, but they shouldn't be mixed. In a free country, people make their choices. When you have a workable system of idiot control, get back to us.

  2. No doubt about it ... Myers was a fool. That's what happens when you fail to follow the four rules.

    He should and will go to prison.

    Most of the time I disagree with MikeB. However, this is the type of person that should lose their firearm rights for life ... not that it would ever be enforceable. It would at least be a symbolic gesture.