Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Hampshire Gun Owner Gets a Slap on the Wrist

Local news reports

Charged with a class B misdemeanor count of reckless conduct is Gregory Vaillancourt, 30, who police allege misfired his pistol on July 24 at 1:30 p.m.

According to a police report by Officer Dean Outhouse, Vaillancourt's neighbor reported finding a bullet hole in the side of his house near a front window and said he thought the bullet had also dented his stainless steel refrigerator. Outhouse reported he then interviewed Vaillancourt who admitted accidentally firing his gun while cleaning it in his living room the day before.

The officer's affidavit states the bullet went through Vaillancourt's television set and a wall before traveling 45 yards across the street, passing through the neighbor's house, ricocheting off the metal refrigerator and into a rear wall. 
This is what happens. The charges are inconsistent with the degree of irresponsibility. This is a guy who has proven himself incapable of safely handling guns.  Why wouldn't he lose his right to own them? Do we have to wait till he kills someone?

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  1. "Why wouldn't he lose his right to own them?"

    We have been over this Mike, but you refuse to try to apply the same fauly logic to other acts of dangerous public irresponsibility so noone will take you seriously.

    1. My point is that gun mishaps are not taken seriously enough. Do you think "NOONE" is taking me seriously, really?

    2. By the way, would you take Officer Outhouse seriously if he didn't have a badge and a gun?

    3. The gun's primary purpose is to be a weapon. That's not the case with cars and baseball bats. That' why guns get special restrictions.

      Cops often get a break, but so do civilian gun owners in cases like this.

      Gun mishaps are not taken seriously enough. Many of these buys are not making their first mistake when we read about them, they should have been disarmed long ago.