Monday, January 27, 2014

Adam Kokesh - Back on Top of the World


  1. No, Kokesh, DON'T be encouraged; you're a jerk, you are irresponsible, you are dangerous, and you should remain behind bars for a long time, until you completely change your ideas.

    You won't come back 'better' unless you come back the opposite of who you have been.

    1. So you want him sent to a re-education camp until he adopts the official party line? He's a gun-rights supporter. Of course you despise him. But I thought leftists were supposed to be tolerant. I guess it's only of views they agree with.

    2. Greg, he's more or less in the same category as you hero Ted Nugent. The real problem is his celebrity gives him a great influence over the slower and more-inclined-to-follow gun nuts.

    3. Mikeb, Ted Nugent is not my hero. Your need to believe that he is indicates things about you, not about me.

    4. Then why do you support his racism with your money?